Love for Food Finds Peace Only at Lovely Restaurants

Food is something which has fans all over the world. Be it any country, continent, city. And food is one of those things which is liked, admired and loved amongst the countries mutually. That is why you can see an Indian loving the Chinese food, an American loving Italian food, and an Italian who loves Irish cuisines.

Many countries, many cultures, one love for food

The food and restaurants at every place is largely influenced by the native culture and geography. For example, in Ireland you will find Smoked Salmon, lamb, Cheese dishes and other seafood items very common.  Salmon has been very common since prehistoric times in Ireland and the slow process of making it is to ensure the proper texture and flavour. Also the lamb shanks cooked in red wine and rosemary combined with an atmosphere of music and dance at restaurants is the perfect evening which can be planned for a weekend.

Apart from these cuisines there are certain other items which are delicious and very popular in the best restaurants in Dublin. Like a soda bread with a cross cut on the top is a staple of the Irish.  The Northern Ireland is known for its speciality in Oat Cakes and fluffy blaas.

Different food for different mood

Beverages are considered to be the best drinks for an evening to refresh up yourself and its a fact to know that Ireland has one of the highest per capita consumption of tea in the world. Only Turkey is ahead of it. There are many tea rooms in Ireland, which are charming due to the antique china tea-sets, chandeliers, vintage party pictures and lovely treats.

There are many restaurants which are ranked amongst the best restaurants in Dublin and are famous for gourmet drinks, which are made of apples in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic variants. These are small batch offerings which are crisp and sweet, infused with berries and other flavours. These days almost all the restaurants tend to have similar items apart from their speciality. So to stay into the market restaurants have been trying many things to stay the best or become one of the best ones in the city.

A restaurant is liked by people, mainly because of the taste of its food and the variety of cuisines it offers. But this isn’t sufficient now days. A restaurant also needs something more than just good food. The ambience, theme, crowd is other essential factors. The atmosphere should be soothing and comfortable for people. The restaurants these days have a particular theme of interior design and lighting, which the place look attractive. Like most restaurants in Ireland have a country side theme, or vintage theme which is very attractive to the crowd. While some elite class people still prefer classy restaurants with lavish interiors and premium service.

Different people have different tastes in food and similarly different choices in restaurants but the love for food is same and it knows no boundaries at all.


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